Boult Audio launches ‘ProBass Anchor’ Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with ANC, VA and 30-hour battery life


Comfortable and premium design, 40mm large drivers for extra bass, built-in voice assistant 

Boult Audio, a premium audio brand known for its innovative designs and superior audio quality, has announced ‘ProBass Anchor,’ an active noise cancellation pair of over-ear headphones for a remarkably affordable price. The ProBass Anchor boasts of 30-hour battery life with extra bass and voice assistants, aimed towards frequent commuters, WFH professionals and smartphone gamers.

The Boult Audio ProBass Anchor is a lightweight (150g) premium-designed and highly comfortable over-ear wireless headphone for the masses. It features a smooth and premium-finish exterior for an elegant look and crafted with high ergonomics and ultra-soft earcups for super comfort and prolonged use. The earcups and headband are built using soft protein leather padding for comfort and longevity.

Designed with pristine audio performance in mind, the Boult Audio ProBass Anchor features large 40mm drivers that produce extra bass without compromising on mids and highs. Packed with Boult’s sound signature the audio delivery is extra punchy with deep bass while accentuating the warm midst and crystal-clear sparkly highs.

The highlight of the Boult Audio ProBass Anchor is the Active Noise Cancellation or ANC feature. It focuses on cancelling or eliminating unwanted lower frequency sounds, such as engines, aviation environment, trains, traffic noise, and many others, for disturbance-free music, movies, gaming and calls. The ANC comes in very handy, especially when using the headphones while commuting or when outdoors. An onboard voice assistant feature also helps with a hands-free experience – now summon Google Assistant or Siri at the press of a button.

Lastly, a high-capacity in-built lithium-ion battery helps power the ProBass Anchor for a good 30 hours non-stop. Now you can hit the road without worrying about recharging your Boult Audio ProBass Anchor for a week or more.           

The Boult Audio ProBass Anchor wireless ANC over-ear headphones will be available in Black for an exclusive price of Rs 3,999 on, starting 15 July 2021. The product carries a 1-year standard industry warranty period.

About Boult Audio:

Boult Audio is a high-end consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures innovative audio products. Boult strives to deliver the epitome of quality products, they are leading providers of premium audio, providing high fidelity audio experience along with supreme comfort. The company develops and delivers solutions that embrace innovation, superior value, and a highly satisfying customer experience. Boult has been committed to continuous improvement in delivering new value to its customers. Have a look at their products at &

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