What is Pegasus?
Pegasus is a Spyware developed by Israeli group NSO, it can get installed silently in a Smartphone and can access your keyboard strokes, track messages, calls, locations & also use your phone's camera & microphone.
It also has the potential to Root Android & JailBreak iOS devices with just a single tap of a link and it can deeply integrate into system which will be hidden from your eyes.

First discovery of Pegasus?
Arab Human Rights defender "Ahmad Mansoor" recieved a text message in August 2016 with a link that said "Secrets about torture happening in prisons in UAE".

He wisely didn't clicked the link and instead he sent it to "Citizen Lab" who investigated with the help of "LookOut", they found that if Mansoor had clicked that link, his iPhone could have been jail-broken And spyware would have been installed. They also found some codes that were old enough to recognise it as early as 2013. They also connected it to NSO, Israel.

How dangerous it is?
Well, a report claims that the Saudi Journalist "Jamal Khashoggi" who was murdered were being tracked using this Spyware, and all of his Family members to were getting spied even after his death. So yeah it can be pretty much dangerous.

What is Zero-Click Pegasus Attack?
Pegasus uses many types of exploits to hack someone's phone, Like One-Click Exploit where user have to just click a link and their Phone will be hacked.
It also uses Permission hack were it presents some links that asks users some permission and if it once enabled, they will get hacked. 

But most notable of all is the Zero-Click Vulnerability, which means users doesn't need to do anything and they can get hacked.
For example - If the attacker sends message to your Phone, Your Phone gets hacked whether you open that message or not. If they call your phone, it's hacked, whether you pick it up or not, it's really a sophisticated, well researched, well exploited Hack that doesn't require any input and also the user will never know until he gets their Phone checked with professionals.
Sometimes even experts can be fooled with this attack and can't be spared.

Why nobody knew about Pegasus for years?
Because Pegasus is a hack but it comes with a lot of security to save itself from being found.
For example - It has a self destruct feature where it uninstall itself if it isn't able to communicate with the attackers server or self-destruct itself if the phone is wrong or the ID has been purposely changed.
Also it hides itself so deep that even an expert can get fooled sometimes.

Pegasus Attacks -
Well, NSO claims that this Spyware is to be used against criminals & terrorists but there are number of claimed incidents that it was misused for the Journalists & Activists throughout the world.

In late 2019, Facebook sued NSO that Pegasus is being used to intercept Whatsapp messages of many Indian Journalists & Activists, and many Phone Numbers of Indian Ministers were found on a database of NSO Hacking targets called "Project Pegasus" in 2021.

It is also used by Mexican Drug Cartels to Target and intimidate Mexican Journalists.

Also used by Saudi Arabia to Spy on Jamal Khashoggi and later he was killed.

Reports also says that Jeff Bezos was also a victim of Pegasus Attack.

Apart from these there are Several other claims & proofs of Pegasus Attacks which really confirms that this virus is really true and can harm the targeted user and invade their privacy.

Do We need to be Concerned?
Well, Yes & No.
If you are a govt body or someone rich or famous personality, you can be target by your rivals or by some higher authority, but there are lot of things to take into account.

Like, Pegasus is a Very Very Costly Spyware, The cost of one License for it starts at INR 70Lakhs or Above, so it's very unlikely that you are going to get hacked, because many times you might not be the best interest case for the attacker to target.

Also, it's mainly being used to target politicians, Activists & Govt bodies to gather their information's, so unless you are one of them on a higher level, Don't Worry.

Ummm.. Should we really Don't Worry?
No, be careful, but Don't Worry, because even if you worry about this Spyware, there is nothing you can do right now to prevent such type of attacks.
Many people can suggest to Use Encrypted apps, or apps that don't store data, or they will suggest to always use VPN or TOR, well the truth is, Nothing can prevent it, No matter what you do.

So, it's better to be worry free and Enjoy your Life rather than being a crying buddy for privacy.

As Someone great had said,
If you are on Internet, There is no Privacy.
If you need Privacy, There is no Internet for that.

In the Golden Age of Technology,
Privacy is a Myth,
And it will remain to be a Myth, for forever.
You can't do anything.

Have a Happy Life.
Thank You.


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