Samsung 7 Years of Updates My thoughts over it


Why am I opposed to the Samsung’s decision of providing 7 years of updates.

Well the answer is a bit long and may require a little bit of crucial thinking to understand my point but here it is.

I would have not opposed if Apple would have said that they are extending their update support to 7 or 8 Years, because Apple has already shown how good their update system is.

Their updates are reliable, arrives in time, brings new changes as well as do not brick the devices beyond repairing.

Although there have been few real instances where Apple has downgraded the performance & tweaked few other things in older devices that has ruined the experience for some.

But not all devices were ever affected and in the game of update Apple remains the Champion.

The great thing about Apple is, they have sent the updates to 5 or 6 years older devices without talking about it or promising anything.

Never ever in my consciousness Apple has ever needed to promise their audience that they will provide updates for 5-6 Years, but they have delivered it.

There is a saying,

Action speaks louder than voice.

And this saying perfectly attributes to the likes of Apple.

But when we are talking about samsung,

They haven’t even completed the previous claimed term of 4 Years of updates in their previous devices.

Their claim of 4 years of updates arrived in 2021, and that term will finish with 2024 End, or 2025 and then we will get to know whether Samsung has fulfilled their claims or not.

For now, few devices has really received good support while few has been okish ride.

But here is a thing, to trust samsung can really provide 7 years of update, Samsung should have provided a better track record of providing 7 years of updates.

What I mean to say,

When Samsung is vaguely promising 7 years of update, Why they couldn’t revive those 5-6 year older devices that have ended their support back in 2021-22-23 and provide them with last few updates resulting in samsung proving in providing 7 years of updates even for those devices that meant only 2-3-4?

Or Why not samsung just announce the existing devices that were promised to have 4 years of updates, to be extended to 7 years?

This turn would have given users a trust in Samsung that they can definitely do 7 years !

And no I am not talking about mere security patches, I am talking about One UI and Android Updates.

Because Samsung has clearly promised 7 generations of Android Updates.

But Samsung chose to give 7 years of Updates only to the latest launch of Smartphones that are S24 Series, and to know if these phones really receive 7 years of update, people will have to wait till 2030.

But before 2030, Every devices that were launched before now will end its support.

Meaning all of the Samsung phones that were launched before 2024 will have its support ended by or before 2028.

So how to trust that Samsung will really provide 7 years of Update?

By time travelling in future?

The people who are claiming that at least it will result in better resale value for the device can’t be so wrong because given the track record of Samsung, they have literally trashed a device in an update of a year or two.

Unlike Apple, Samsung updates have been reportedly notorious, making system heavier, slowing down of system, bringing lags & jitters as well as few low cost devices having their Motherboards dead as well.

So how could anyone just blindly trust Samsung that they won’t trash a device promised to have 7 years of update?

And if things remain same,

Why would anyone buy a Samsung three years old phone with many problems and 4 years remaining software update?

The point is,

Prove your point,

Before pointing at your greatness.

Last but not the least,

Longer updates do not guarantee better resale value,

But having the ability to handle longer updates does.

Otherwise, Windows Laptops with Infinite updates (Literally) would have been better in resale value than Macbooks with limited updates.

Thanks for Reading. ❤️

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