Buying Apple iPhone on EMI?

No doubt Apple Ecosystems are the Best,

the experience will be crazily good.

But as our Nation's Average Salary is around 32K even in 2022.

It will take more than an Year's Saving (for avg salaried people) to just build a decent Ecosystem.

Learn to Live with what you have ! ❤️

With that average salary,

you should not just run for Apple.

Because you have a lot of other responsibilities to Carry.

Whether you need a budget car for your small family, a motorbike, or just a good rented apartment.

Having Apple shouldn't be your first priority.


All those who have Apple Ecosystem,

they are either rich or their father's are rich.

No Hate to them, they are enjoing the best of this world.

You can too.

But first You need to set your priorities right,

work for it,

Have savings so that you can build a business or Invest sw.

Make your lives a little compromisable today,

so that you earn good enough to have less compromises tomorrow.

Its okay, if you don't have A Logo on your Phone's Back.

Its okay if some people judge you today by looking at what Brand you use now.

Let them do that, U Keep Working

The only reason I create videos showing the Cons of Apple is because I wanna let (average salaried) people know that even in this Brand, You will have compromises.

So there's no Point in Jumping for this.

Yes Experience matters,

But it should not come at a cost of Good Living.

Once again,

if you have Apple,

You may have the Best of tech.

But, Tech ain't everything.

Be Responsible,

Set your Priorities,

Understand the difference between What you Want and What you actually Need.

And, Take Decisions Wisely.

Be Happy then

Lets Talk About EMI & LOANS now

As a responsible influencer,

You should understand what type of Audience watching you.

& I believe, Non-Earning Individuals are as much as in numbers as Earning Individuals.

As Most user base are in 12-30 Years Category.

So, the opinion should be based on both of these factors.

So my Advice is,

Are you buying that thing on EMI with your Money? Or Your Father's Money?

(Considering Your father is Average Salaried)

If your answer is, Your Father will pay EMI,

Don't get that thing.

You are burdening your father more.

He already paying your Every Bills.

If your answer is,

You will pay the EMIs,

and you are earning (again average salary).

Question Yourself,

Will spending 5K-6K per month Worth it?

Or you have different things that can be achieved by that much?

Like Why not help your Family with that?

Maybe Ease Father's Burden?

I wanna say,

DUDE you just wanna pay your Phone's EMI,

While your father is paying your rent, or feeding you in your House.

I am gonna be harsh here.


try to be completely depend on yourself,

and survive without taking a single penny from your home.

If you could do that.

If you could do that, and after that you have left with enough money, then think about taking a loan or EMI, that too on your own responsibility.

It will atleast release burden on your father of atleast 10-15K as you are now independent.

And he can have a better life too!


Does that mean,

If you are not earning enough.

and not completely depend upon yourself,

You don't deserve Apple?



Because you are getting mesmerised by the materialistic thing of this world, While completely ignoring the problems of your and your loved obes Life.

You filled those Conditions Above.

Now you can have Apple iPhone or Complete Ecosystem, even with EMI.

And Not only for that,

It goes for everything, Branded Clothes, Luxury Cars / Bikes, whatever you want, But don't need.


That's All, I will close this thread here.


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