Using CMF Buds by Nothing and I didn’t liked its Audio Quality that much. Here is my Review of this budget wireless earphone 👇

Design is really good, although orange colour is too vibrant. Build quality is also very good, feels nice in hands. There is a round dial like fidget spinner, it does nothing but I pass time rotating it. It has two holes to attach straps to it if you wanna wear it around neck.

The weight of earphones are also very less, making it comfortable to wear in longer use. But do know that the size is big, although it fits my ears really well, but if you have smaller ears, you will feel pain. That being said, the quality of rubber ear-tips is just okish ! 🥲

These earphones supports touch operations and I loved it. You can customise these touch functions as well as per your need, for the both sides of earphones. Something which is missing in many brands in this price. You need to connect with Nothing X app, and the app is awesome.

The earphone also supports autoplay and auto-pause when removed or inserted into ears. And the bluetooth connection is fast, once you open the lid of case, it’s connected. There is also a switch on the case to reset the earphones and also to connect it with different devices.

There are 4 microphones, two on each sides. They are good for indoor calling, but could have been better for outdoors, in noisy areas. Although I can’t complain much about Microphones in this Price.. But it says “4 HD Mics with Clear Voice” on the box that’s why I mentioned.

Now my main Complain from this earphone is with its Sound Quality. It has 12.4mm driver with Ultra Bass Technology written on the Box. And it’s true, the bass is so Ultra that other sound & instruments gets completely lost behind the Bass. Something I didn’t expected with CMF!

The Nothing X App has features to turn Off Ultra Bass, yet still it doesn’t get much better. It has really good Equaliser too, But the audio gets different and turned not that good after using it.. It’s tuned by Dirac & has Dirac Opteo Equaliser as Well, its good, but Bass 🤮

So my only problem with this earphone is, it’s Bass. I love Balanced Earphones but I have used Bass Heavy earphones as well. They do have extra bass but none has ever dumped other sounds as bad as the CMF Buds did. But yes at-least the App tries to Fix a lot using Equaliser.

The ANC is really good at 42dB. I love it, and there is also transparency mode which is Okay, not that Transparent. ANC do cut out many real life noises after wearing the earphone like fan noises, etc. And also you can pair this device with 2 at the same time, good Job Nothing.

Finally the battery life is pretty good, You can listen to it continuously for 4-5 hours when ANC is on. And more if you turn off ANC. The case can charge it easily 5-6 times, making the total battery life of at least 25-30 hours, easily. Will last for weeks for average users.

So overall it’s a pretty good earphone for the price that has lots of customisation, great ANC and a pretty good battery. But it fails in an area which should have been its USP that is the Audio Quality. But hey, we have equaliser right? Hmmm.. 3.7/5 Stars. Thanks for reading

One last thing BTW The Nothing Phones are designed by Nothing and also Manufactured in India 👍 The CMF Buds are designed by Nothing but Manufactured in China by Hunan Yingzhun, which also manufactures many Vivo TWS & for others as well. Not Expected from Nothing CMF but Okay.

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