Tecno Smartphones Security Features that Every Brands Should have

 TECNO Smartphones may not be that popular. And its Software may not be the Best Android Skin out there. But here are some features of Hi OS that puts SHAME on many Android OEMs as Well as Apple iPhones.👇

PEEK PROOF Its a feature that lets you hide your screen from prying eyes. You can set what areas should be seen and what areas needs to be blacked out. You can also change the transparency of shaded screen. Helps really a lot in Crowded Public Spaces like Trains & Metros.

POWER OFF VERIFICATION There are some really good options inside Mobile Anti-Theft Feature. The power off verification won’t let your smartphone turn off or restart until the unlock password is given. It helps after smartphone gets stolen, Thieves can’t easily turn off device.
UNLOCK CAPTURE If someone tries to unlock your smartphone and enters wrong pin twice, front camera will capture the pic and save it in gallery. If cloud services are enabled, That photo will also be synced to your cloud revealing the identity of person in case of theft. 😮
THEFT ALERT If you are charging your phone in public area or you are in crowded area scared of your phone being stolen. This feature will alert you right after someone removes your charging pin or earphone jack. A simple yet handy safety feature to ensure your device safety.

SECURE KEYBOARD This feature do not record your keyboard inputs as well as it randomises the pin input. So if someone is trying to guess what’s your password from a little distance, that person will have hard time because the keyboard won’t be arranged in order.

BLANK DATA This feature once enabled, won’t let shady apps gather any data and upon requesting will return them with Blank Data. You can select what apps cannot gather your contact, call logs, SMS & Calendar informations. A great feature for privacy it seems.

REPAIR MODE Many of us are worried about giving our phones in service center because of our Data. With this feature we can totally move every Data to a separate space and technicians can repair the device without having access to our Data. Great option to have.

VAULT Its simply a feature that lets you hide your Pictures, Videos, Apps, Recordings and Documents. To access them will require separate password whatever you set. It will be different from Lock-screen password.

LOW BATTERY SOS Inside emergency feature, this lets your smartphone automatically sends its last known location before it turns off due to low power. You can choose what contact to be sent beforehand, and also customise message as per your convenience. Good in case it’s Lost.

PC CONNECTION This feature lets you connect your smartphone to your Windows PC. Yes PC requires software installation and initial setup. But once you are done, you can mirror screen, transfer files between Phone & PC in pinch of a gesture. Works over Wi-Fi as Well Cable Conn.

PC SWIFT TRANSFER This feature creates a clipboard in your PC that gets activated once you copy something in your phone. So copy images, videos, files or texts on your smartphone and Paste it directly over to your Windows PC. Easy Peasy

FLOATING WINDOWS So you can open many apps in a small floating window. You can adjust its size by dragging and also mute the window by tapping on 3 dot button. You can use 2 floating windows at once on top of any app. And can push it to edges when not in need on foreground.

SMART HUB This feature provides you a clipboard for easily copying a lot of things together. Let’s say you want to copy texts, images, files, videos, and then want to create a blog or article out of it. This feature will easily help you, by keeping your clipboard in place..

SMART PANEL Smart panel sits on the edge of your screen and when dragged can launch any app from any screen. It also has Social Assistant feature that lets your record Audio Calls even in apps like WhatsApp and others. Neat Handy Feature.

SMART TOUCH TEXT RECOGNITION Tecno Smartphones can recognise text from pictures as well as videos easily. You just need to tap on the text icon below. You can also tap & hold with two fingers to recognise text from any screen on any app and also translate the texts directly.

OTHER FEATURES These were some of the features that I liked the most. Apart from these there are many other features like Dynamic Port, Game Mode, App Twins, Kids Mode, etc. Those are also fun to use. There’s also Ella Translate which basically translates anything on Screen.

DYNAMIC LIGHT-EFFECT This one last feature is device specific, as it’s available on Tecno Pova 6 Pro that comes with Back Lights. You can use those lights for fun ringtones, games, charging indicator or while taking photos. There’s also music & party mode. Enjoy the Beats !!

So these were some of the features of TECNO Smartphones with Hi-OS. I thought of keeping this Post as informative as it could. Hope you like it and if you like my content consider following. If anything more I remember, Will add it in the post. Till then, Take Care, Bye Bye !

Here is YouTube video with features of Hi OS in Tecno POVA 6 PRO https://t.co/OGA1ywc2Hw https://t.co/OGA1ywc2Hw https://t.co/OGA1ywc2Hw

Uploaded video on X also

If you want to buy this smartphone here is the link to Amazon India https://t.co/cS7kk3iC0O

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