Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop 2 Pro Review - Can it Replace Brooms or Traditional Vacuum Cleaners?

 I have used Xiaomi Robot Vaccum Cleaner Mop 2 Pro for more around 1.5 Years now. Here is my Experience and Review 👇

First of all. The Build Quality is great, there is no question about it. Its durable, the finnish, the looks, all are cool. There is a bumper in the front which helps make this product more durable as it bumps in many things like chairs, tables, walls, etc.

Assembling and Setting up the robot was easy. Yet, if someone is unfamiliar with tech, There is an easy instruction manual. But I think Xiaomi should provide home installation and demo service for naive people, which I think is missing. So a little tech knowledge is required.

The map creation is fast and accurate I have used in my home in Patna which was 2100+ sq.ft. and yet it created all the map in once. Then I moved to a little place in Delhi around 800 sq.ft. and yeah fastest map created. Due to laser it includes and avoids all the necessaties.

Once you start using it, you will start feeling the difference from day 1. So here’s how it performs. 👇

For the Vaccum Cleaning part, it’s just great. The suction power is strong, it sucks most of the dirts on the floor as well as hairs, furs and any smaller things. After the vaccum cleaning is done, you will see your floor to be cleaned just the way you do sweeping by hand !!

But there are some shortcomings too like - - It can’t reach sharp corners and not that effective. So corners need to be cleaned by ourself. - There are some places where it can’t reach due to its size & low gap space like Under Fridge, washing machine, chairs or behind doors.

Every time you want effective cleaning, you should make sure that there is nothing on floor. Because it will suck it, or stuck it. Like you really don’t wanna leave loose wires, because once stuck, it gonna drag it or break it. Like many times my tripod has been under threat.

You also can’t leave loose string door mats, because vaccum cleaner will suck that too and then stuck with it. (Pic 1) If you want vaccum cleaner to work effectively, you will have to change your door mats that consists no loose string, or corners that can be sucked. (pic 2)

Also, if you are using bed with low ground clearance (pic 1) it can’t go inside, make sure your bed has at least 5 inches of space below it. 🐣 Measure it, I know you have the tool of exact same size. 😂 Also stools (pic 2) like these are enemy of this product.

Finally do not leave any clothes on the ground or else it will drag it and your clothes will get dirty. But if you avoid all these, now you are good to go and vacuuming will be done effortlessly. I check & manage all things every night & clear ground for it. has become my habit

Now coming to one problem, HAIR ! If your hair falls, specially if its long hairs, the machine needs cleaning every week or else hairs that stuck in its roller blade and sweep will stop it from rotating. In pics you see hairs stuck in a week, so I clean this robot every week.

Cleaning robot is easy, although removing hairs requires patience or scissor to cut all and remove. Dust compartment is big enough that can hold even 15 days of dusts. But Delhi is more dusty than Patna so have to clean it every week. & I was these cleaning parts monthly!! 🤌

So you must clean the robot every week or in 15 days to make it work effectively. Or else, if the dust compartment gets full, it wont pick up new dusts or when it bumps, it will throw some dusts from its stomach into the ground. 😂 So clean it before it makes you clean it.. 😁

After all the details. Let me tell you, I absolutely love its vacuuming. It cleans the ground as clean as it can be. I even love its anti-fall feature. Which means I have made it clean stair tops right in front of my main door, and it never fell down the stairs. No maid need!

Now I didn’t buy the Vaccum Cleaner to save money of maid. But actually to keep dust off ground. Maid will come one or two times a day. But you can use it as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. So, there is no restriction. And the battery backup is best.

I have not even faced even once the issue of battery. My Patna home used to get clean full and still battery remained 40-50%. While my delhi home gets clean while battery remains 70-80%. And it automatically charges, no manual work needed. Better than traditional hand vaccum.

One big advantage traditional hand vaccum cleaners has that it can be used to clean carpets, beds, sofas, etc. But our Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is grounded. Other than that, Hand Vaccum cleaners does require manual labour but this one doesn’t, I mean not everyday at-least.

Now let’s talk about mopping. Mopping is effective, and cleans the floor. There is an effective mopping mode where the vibrations are stronger and movement is also very good which leaves no place to mop except the corners. Mopping is required only once every week because ..

Vacuuming does such a good job at dust cleaning that mopping doesn’t require everyday. That being said, Mopping pad is of good quality but the water tank inside mop is of very low capacity. It’s called “Water Tank” but it doesn’t seem like a tank at all, barely fits half ltr.

And after mopping every room, I have to fill the tank again, change or clean the mopping pad by myself. So mopping requires full attention & more manual work. If you dont change or clean the mopping pad, it will get so dirty that it will have hard time cleaning the next room..

But overall, the mopping cleans the floor as it should. But remember it won’t clean hard stains, like sticky tapes or hard glues. But it can mop most of the dusts off the ground and make your floor clean & wet. I just wish water tank would’ve been bigger or automatic filling..

Finally, Overall, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop 2 Pro is just awesome for everyday use. I love it. My wife loves it more than me. And walking barefoot on floor has been our everyday routine yet our feet remain clean. Yes, there’s a learning curve and adjustment required.

But after that, you will start using it the way it meant to be used. You will love it. PS : Not for homes with uneven tiles flooring. I hope this review helps you in taking the decision of buying a robot vaccum cleaner or not. Anything More to tell will write in this post. 👍

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