The Apple Store Experience that I could never Forget

 I’m at Apple Store, Saket, New Delhi. I came here to repair “iPhone 13 Pro” with Green Screen Problem. Here is my Experience. Read Below πŸ‘‡

When I arrived at the Apple Store, Everyone seemed busy and I was confused who to talk. A store lady came and asked politely if you are finding someone. I told her about my problem and very swiftly she assigned a man to register my issue. Next

The man talked to me very politely, calmly, and told me to wait 25 minutes as the engineer/service person is busy diagnosing some other device, so he raised me a ticket. The wait time which was 25 minutes, got over in just 5 minutes and the engineer arrived to diagnose my issue.

Have to tell you, He was very skilled and knew how to talk. Asked me my problems, how it arrived, my name, number, email and also talked a lot on other matters while diagnosing the issue. We found out that we are from same state, Bihar, so had a great chat with him. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

After diagnosing the issue and registering the complaint, he told me that my device will be serviced out of warranty for free. I do not even needed to question him if they will service it for free, they themselves showed me final pricing. Which was really a great moment for me.

The final pricing was 21,000 INR for the display change. And the total payable price was Zero. He then asked me each thing, like can he remove the tempered glass, the back camera glass protection, if I remember my ID password and told me the data will be erased, I signed a doc.

After that he said, the display part is available so it will be repaired today, and I can come collect 2 hours later. So, I roamed in the select city walk, ate some momos, brownies avoided all the brands I am boycotting. And finally returned back after 1.5 Hours. So waiting now

9:45 was my time to recieve the device. And at 9:48 now I recieved that my device is ready to picked up. I just asked the store guy and he said, I will just let a guy bring it to you. 😍 Feeling so good till now. Will tweet again once the device is in my hand. Love it till😻

Finally, I got the device. Paid Nothing and it was out of warranty. Got display changed for free. Moreover, He told me that the display will be in warranty for 90 days from now on. Anything happens, Just bring it. Congrats @GiGWashim Your device got repaired for free. 😻😻

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